Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shore Blvd., Astoria, 5.16.10 Part II

After photographing the gorgeous Corvettes this past Sunday, I strolled north on the boulevard, content with what I shot and thinking about heading home. I had seen a hot rod buzzing around earlier, then I saw it pass me again, turn around at the end of the strip, and slowly head back towards where I was walking. I took a few "candid" shots, then after it parked, walked over and asked the owner if I could take a few shots. His name is Vinnie but everyone knows his as "Cuz," as can be seen painted on the windshield of the '23 Ford T-bucket.
(It says "Cuz's T.") I've seen him down here before, but like the Corvettes, he's got a steady stream of admirers asking questions about the car. (Maybe he should make a sign like Joe Chevy.)
Straight to the engine shots:

I love all of the little details he's got on the car - he's got dice capping every valve cap:

As we talked, a friend of his in a Prowler pulled up. Lucky for me, the minivan behind him pulled out so the Prowler could park. The two cars together were irresistible to everyone passing by! Groups of people stopped to admire them. I had to be patient to get the shots with as few people and their shadows as possible.

Wow - thank you Plymouth for this beauty...

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