Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jeanne's Rat Rod

Luci and I got a late start leaving NYC, but thanks to Hertz and a complementary upgrade, we were finally en route to Terryville, Connecticut in a bright red Camaro. As we got close to our destination for the Rumble in the Country, it began to rain... hard. A few classic cars passed us by. Then harder... and no less than eight classics and rat rods passed. We wailed "NOOOO!"

Fortunately, a good portion of people - and their cars - stuck it out to enjoy the bands. I took pictures of cars when it wasn't raining, and quickly bundled my cameras away and ran for cover when it started back up again. All day, there was one rat rod in particular in the middle of the field with flames painted on the side, covered with a tarp.

As Rockabilly Express performed, the sun slowly started to glow through the clouds. When the band was done, there was no threat of rain, and the flaming rat rod was parked right by the pavilion, tarp removed. I went over and started taking photos. When I stopped, a woman asked me, "Now that you've taken photos, would you like a photo of you IN my car?" So I got in, and she took a couple of photos. Then she said, "Now let me tell you about my car. It's a 1929 Ford on a '32 frame - barely attached right now! The engine is a Chevy."

"That is a real wolf whistle, found in a junk shop."

"The rear view mirror is the original mirror, with the original clock. Those are my daughter's baby shoes - she's in her 20's now."

"And look... the dice add up to seven no matter what angle."

(Yours truly in the car):

Thanks, Jeanne, for sharing your car.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

This is why I always have my camera with me 1.0...

I went to Verplanck, NY for a Memorial Day barbeque. In the evening, my friends and I went for a walk to the nearby Hudson River. As we crossed to the river, I noticed a parking area slightly up the hill. Then I noticed a really pretty, shiny car slightly up the hill. My friends walked straight towards the river, and I veered left, walking slightly up the hill with my camera to take a few shots. As it happens with classic car owners, I snapped photos, and the the proud owner suddenly appeared to chat.
"That's a really great way to meet people! I always meet people when they ask me to take a picture with my car!"

"So it's yours? What year?"

"1969! My Dad bought it new, then I bought it from him in the 80's. It's pretty rare, only one of a few hundred convertibles..."

"It's not the original paint, right?"

"No, I had it repainted. Triple Black."

"It's gorgeous!"