Sunday, April 3, 2011

Shore Blvd, 3.12.11 and Astoria Garages, 3.13.11 (cont'd)

Saturday the 12th was a gorgeous day. I walked along Shore for awhile, and it seemed to be Mopar day - I spotted a lot of late model Chargers and Challengers. Then - a rarity in Astoria - a bunch of people on horseback. I followed as fast as I could, hoping to get a Mustang I saw with the horses in the background, but my Sketchers... well, no horsepower. I was able to get this shot, though.

There was also an MGB (circa 1979?) following a red Porsche 911 (not in frame) that passed, but other than that, a slow day on Shore. I started home, and ran into P., the '55 Chevy owner. He was on the way to Serino's and promised to take me someday.

Someday ended up being the next day, Sunday the 13th. Serino Hot Rod is a shop in Astoria - write about them in my previous blog post.

The walls are filled with license plates from all over the US and nostalgic photographs of their father's - and grandfather's - racing years.

The block was lined with cars from different eras in various states of restoration: