Friday, July 9, 2010

Lebanon Valley Speedway 7.3.2010

When I was a kid, sometimes when we visited my Mom's home town and begged a lot, we were allowed to go to the races with my uncles and cousins. My sister and I loved it, but my parents didn't - probably because of the dirt. Lebanon Valley is a dirt track north of Albany near the Berkshires. Over the holiday weekend, I went up to visit family, and everyone was going to the races. When we were sitting around Saturday afternoon, my uncle mentioned something about not being able to take one of my cousin's sons into the pit because he wasn't old enough. I asked if I could take his place; my uncle said yes, but you have to stay in the pit all night. Not a problem.

I took over 350 shots; I managed to edit them down to these 25 general shots. I have a few more that will end up in another post.

My cousin waving the checkered flag at the end of the main event:

End of the night.
More to come.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rumble in the Country - 6.12.2010

Terryville, CT

I'm finally getting around to posting some shots of the rest of the cars. As I previously wrote, torrential downpours arrived in Terryville just as we did. Fortunately, a lot of people stuck it out and the sun come out... as the last band finished. In between rain drops, I took pictures. In no particular order:

Man, dog, car. What else do you need?

Car guy...

The owner's wife made him open the door so I could get a shot of the rat: guys...
This owner called me over to show me the hand-painted firewall on his Ford:

More car guys!

A couple shots of Rockabilly Express - as they played, the sun finally came out.

I will put the rest of the shots up on Flickr very soon, and will link it here in my blog. If you were at the rumble and these are photos of you or your car, and would like a copy, just comment or send me a personal message - I'm more than happy to email a copy or direct you to the set on flickr when they are up.