Thursday, June 3, 2010

This is why I always have my camera with me 1.0...

I went to Verplanck, NY for a Memorial Day barbeque. In the evening, my friends and I went for a walk to the nearby Hudson River. As we crossed to the river, I noticed a parking area slightly up the hill. Then I noticed a really pretty, shiny car slightly up the hill. My friends walked straight towards the river, and I veered left, walking slightly up the hill with my camera to take a few shots. As it happens with classic car owners, I snapped photos, and the the proud owner suddenly appeared to chat.
"That's a really great way to meet people! I always meet people when they ask me to take a picture with my car!"

"So it's yours? What year?"

"1969! My Dad bought it new, then I bought it from him in the 80's. It's pretty rare, only one of a few hundred convertibles..."

"It's not the original paint, right?"

"No, I had it repainted. Triple Black."

"It's gorgeous!"


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