Monday, May 17, 2010

Shore Blvd., Astoria, 5.16.10 Part I

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day. Shore Blvd. was blocked off in the morning for a race, but as I walked around, the police opened it to traffic. I walked north and saw this gorgeous 1963 Buick Riviera parking:

There wasn't much else going on, so I headed home.

I went back to the park later in the afternoon, and it was apparently Corvette day; a black and a red one were parked along the sidewalk as the owners enjoying the sun in their chairs. I did chat with Joe about his black Corvette as he gave me tissues and cough drops for this cold that keeps hanging on:His car gets so much attention when it is parked on the boulevard that he just puts out this sign so he doesn't have to repeat the details over and over:

The special red interior:
As we chatted and I took pictures, people would stop and admire the cars - it was difficult to get photos without gawkers in them. He also told me that he and a whole bunch of classic car owners hang out every Tuesday night at the McDonald's parking lot in Woodside. He invited me to come and take all of the photos that I want there - I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow...
And on to the red one. The owners of the '59 seemed content to enjoy the sun, so I let them be and just took photos:

Part II will have photos of a '23 T-bucket and a Prowler... by the end of the week, I promise!

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