Monday, May 3, 2010

Classic *Mustang* + Shore Blvd, 5.1 - 5.2.10

I was with a friend and without my camera when I spotted this lovely red thing parked along 21st St. When I got home, I grabbed my camera, waited for the Q69 (a bus, that is), and my luck held out - it was still there when I finally got to where it had been parked. It was hard to get good shots, but here are a couple of nice ones. I think it's a 1970? Just look at this:

I love the shape of this window, and how the light defines the contours of the car:

Gorgeous, isn't it?!

Shore Boulevard, Astoria has a big car scene. I went at different times on Saturday and Sunday to catch all of the different cars on display. Here's a quick candid of a guy working on his hot rod (and a Mustang convertible behind him.)

I spotted this Dubs of Queens member's blue Jetta with matching blue rims:

I even ran into Joseph, the owner of the Corvette, who said he was "elated" to get the photos of his car. He told me to take more pictures.

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