Saturday, April 24, 2010

Shore Blvd, Astoria 4.24.10 - Joseph's Corvette

Over a decade ago, when my knees were still in decent condition, I trained to run the New York Marathon. Day after day I would run along Shore Blvd. and see a man relaxing in the sun in a classic red Corvette Stingray convertible. I always wanted to take pictures, but I was running, without a camera, and... I've always been a bit shy. Today, I had a camera and wasn't running... but suddenly got shy. I passed by. Walked to the south side of the park, and doubled back. Finked out again. Then on the third pass went back and asked him if I could take pictures of the car. I started, and asked questions along the way. What year is it? (I promptly forgot. Have to work on this.) As we talked, he told me that he's been hanging out by the park in his car for 19 years. A lot of people ask to take pictures, but no one ever sends him prints. The only person that ever sent him a print was a Chinese man who asked to photograph his lady friend (an opera singer from China) in the car... but he somehow knows that I will send him prints of the car.

He pointed out that he is a veteran, and has his dog tags on the glove box:

Then he took me into the street and pointed out his favorite angle to capture the car:

There were no cars on the boulevard, so I ran into the middle of the street and got the following shot as well. I think he will like it. The prints will be in the mail on Monday, Joseph. Thank you.

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