Sunday, April 4, 2010


I decided to take a walk to Astoria Park this morning in the gorgeous weather. When I got to the river, I saw a guy polishing what looked like an almost show-quality Skylark. I turned around and quickly walked home to grab my camera, kicking myself along the way at the foolishness of leaving home without it in the first place. Along the way, I saw a light blue Corvair parked. When I returned with the camera, the Skylark was gone, but the Corvair was still parked near 23rd Ave. with ample space for good shots.

It was in surprisingly good condition - some small rust spots and bubbled paint here and there, but the interior looked original and in great shape.

What an excellent specimen of automotive history!


  1. Awesome pictures Megan. I hope you'll stumble upon a 68' Camaro of a 57' Chevy some day.

  2. Thanks Kim. I will surely keep my eye out! I love '57 Chevy Bel Airs...