Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shore Blvd., Astoria, 11.14.2010

Way back in April, I tagged along with a friend to some garages in Astoria. We first stopped into the garage of a family friend, and while they chatted, I poked around and took photos of the garage, parts, and then the owner's 1970 Nova in the process of being restored.

Today, I headed down to Shore Boulevard to see who was hanging out with their cars. I didn't see anything, but then on the way back, I saw this Nova parked by the war memorial. I crossed Shore and headed over. When I got close, the car owner called out - "Hey! You're Taso's friend! You took photos of the Nova when I was working on it! Thanks for the photos, I really liked them. What do you think of the car now?" It's gorgeous - a metallic caramel with black stripes. The interior isn't complete, but he promised me the photos would be great when he redoes the interior. We even tried calling T. to see if he would show up with his newly restored Firebird, but I guess that will be a post for another day.

Here are some shots of the Nova before, in the garage:

The Nova this after noon, after partial restoration. As I was photographing, I realized I had never recharged my flash batteries after SEMA, but I managed to get a few decent shots:

Passers-by weighing in:

After I finished, and we were both about to head home, he asked me, "Why do you have a Pontiac on your t-shirt?" Yeah, it happens. It was my Woodward t-shirt.

I know, I know, I know... SEMA shots! I have to get those up.

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