Monday, November 15, 2010

SEMA 2010 - Las Vegas

Something chewed me up in Vegas and spit me out in my bed in New York, and I'm pretty sure it's name was SEMA 2010. It was two days of seeing the sun rise over the Strip, then exhausting ourselves walking behind people moving at the speed of stuck rocks, tripping over the Rascal brigade, and omgihavetobeatapressconferenceinfiveminutesinahallididn'tknowexistedWHEREISIT?!?!? Two days fueled by protein bars, dry boxed lunches and as much caffeine as one ingest. It even killed my second flash of the year. Viva Las Vegas, but the pony car girl is begging "no mas!"

What did I notice? The show was still Camaro-heavy, but not quite as heavy as last year. I saw a few cars with a pearl matte white finish - on a classic (forget which one, it was in passing) as well as a customized Equus at the Hyundai footprint. Not many '57 Chevy Bel-Airs. The track in the parking lot was Ford Racing, not Toyota Trucks - and it looked very well attended. I was so busy getting my shots, though, that I never had the chance to head over and watch for a few minutes.

However, on the way to team lunches and rushing to the Top Gear screening (yes, I do have to mention that, I can't wait for the show!) I managed to snap a few personal photos of some things that caught my eye.

I drooled over this Mustang:

Top Gear Ferrari that I sadly did not have time to stand on line and ride in:

Top Gear Mercedes:
DUB had some great cars:

Mythbusters backwards Porsche:

I know that it's a refrigerator, but the Avatar mural was gorgeous:

The Hulk car over at DUB:

...rat rod...

...and I leave you with Hair God:
That's it - I have to go pack for LA.

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