Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lebanon Valley Speedway 8.13.2011

I got caught up in some paid projects and never posted my dirt track shots from August. I had planned on going upstate to shoot at Lebanon Valley more often this summer, but it didn't pan out; I ended up going only once. I love shooting there, and next summer I want to go as often as possible and work on a real photo essay. The best part of going up? I realized that it's family; I went with my uncle, who has been involved with many aspects of racing there for much of his adult life, and I got to see some cousins, one of whom is a flagger. Even if I wasn't shooting, it was just great to be with people I don't see often enough.

Line-up order posted:
Lining up for a heat:

I was really concentrating on trying to get some good shots of the bog-block modifieds really kicking up the dirt. Why? BECAUSE DIRT TRACK:

Great corner drift in this shot, though ultimately he ended up spinning completely around:

Kenny Tremont, who went on to become Lebanon Valley's 2011 Modified Champion:

This car flipped over a couple of time before landing on the roof; the driver was extracted and walked away:

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