Tuesday, May 3, 2011

MINI! KISS! + another one of my quirky film cameras

New York Auto Show ended up being the two scheduled press days plus two days of pre-press-day reveals. After four days of reveals, parties, sleep too little, repeat, I got on a plane at ouch o'clock in the morning Friday to go to Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend. I hit the ground running and photographed the car show - all pre-1963 cars - two days in a row. Four days of photographing, watching bands, too little sleep, repeat. Throw in Frankie's Tiki Room and lots of sun for a perfect working vacation. I hit the ground back in NYC and crashed... hard. I picked up some horrible chest infection from which I'm only starting to recover.

I have tons of photos, so many that I'm overwhelmed thinking about processing them.

While I recover, here are some shots I took at the MINI press conference from press day two of the NY Auto Show. KISS was slated to be there, so I got there at 9 a.m. sharp - yes, I was the first dorky photographer there. I don't care. I wanted my spot and I wanted my shots. I also threw in my bag, as I usually do, one of my random toy cameras. This time it was the Sprocket Rocket available from Lomography.com. It was loaded with some special effects film by Austrian company Revolog called Tesla which creates random lightning effects. KISS? Sprocket Rocket? Random lightning? RAD!!!!

Of course, I got the important shots for the client first. See them and a classic shot of Gene Simmon's tongue here.

The film is rated 200 ASA. I had a flash on the Sprocket Rocket, but the fixed exposure didn't let in *quite* enough light for this shot. It's still cool.

More when I can breathe again.

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