Sunday, February 6, 2011

Holga Meet Cars; Cars, Meet Holga

I had to remind myself this weekend that regarding my work, I make the rules, and the rules are subject to me changing them at any time.

The intent of this blog was to be for my work in progress that involves pro/pro-minded shots of cars. When I first started photographing cars seriously, professionally, I decided that the digital cameras were for pro work, and the Holgas and old cameras were reserved for my creative fine art work. As art is true to life (or life true to art?), both bled into each other. I started creating art with my digital and car shots with the black and white film.

So while I'm cleaning up the shots of Philly and DC Auto Show public days for my client, doing a quick load of laundry before packing for Chicago Auto Show, and waiting for the framer to *finally* finish framing a print going to a gallery in Texas... I give you Holga. There's no theme or common thread other than the camera that took them and that the subject matter is cars.

VW bug, Odessa, TX:

Tesla IPO, Times Square, NY:

Rumble in the Country, CT:

Display at Woodward Dream Cruise, MI:

Mustang in Mustang Alley, Woodward Dream Cruise, MI:

Details, Greenlawn, NY:

Rat rod, Greenlawn, NY:

Found in my 'hood: Astoria, Queens, NY:

...and someone's project car that I really really want to see uncovered:

...Eventually, I plan to make some of these available for purchase; I'm currently exploring options between Red Bubble, Zazzle, Etsy, Etc.

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