Saturday, October 16, 2010

Riff Raff Riot - 10.9.10 (Part II)

Moose Lodge, Greenlawn, NY

Details, details, details. Since there was no rain pouring down, I had more time to notice the customizations. There were pinstripers there personalizing everything from headlights to radiator covers.

This Ford Ranchero was (almost) panel painted:

Being half-in and half-out of shadow, this car was insanely difficult to photograph. Highly customized and about an inch off the ground with a gorgeous matte purple paint job. A dream car, for sure.

Detail of the dash:

The most forbidding rat rod ever...

While invited to, I didn't test out the faux fur lined back of the Shagin Wagon.

Bobby painting "Fujimo"

After four years of art school, I still couldn't draw an such an elegant arc free-hand. Amazing.

I worked up the nerve to ask Bobby to touch my my Holga camera that I had detailed last year. He did, and added his own embellishments.

I might not have that dream Mustang yet, but I've got the coolest Holga ever.

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